Browser's Magic Bash - 12 Hours of Fun

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Saturday April 13, 2019


MonteCassino Hotel & Event Venue


10+ Professional Magicians



Browser's Magic Bash 2019 / a full day of magic goodness

See Magic. Learn Magic. Show Magic. Love Magic!

Watch the 2018 video

For the past four years we've witnessed jam-packed days of magic filled with amazing talent, good food, and wonderful experiences that you will remember for years.

Well, we're doing it for a FIFTH time on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Card guys, mentalists, stand-up magicians, children's entertainers, jam sessions, close-up, stage performers, great stuff for sale, and everything in-between! If you love magic, the Browser's Magic Bash 2019 is designed for you!

Our venue seating is limited, so act now and RESERVE YOUR SPOT right away.

Jeff Pinsky says, ""The 'Bash' is a day designed for all of us to get together and celebrate our common love of 'magic."


2019 Bash Talent / meet the artists...many more to come!

Chris Capehart

Chris Capehart

Legendary Street Performer

Chris Capehart is a master magician and a regular headliner at Monday Night Magic in New York City. Come see why he is held in such high esteem by magicians around the world.



AWARD WINNING Close Up Magician

A favorite at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and was awarded Close Up Magician of the Year for 2010. She fooled Penn & Teller. And She'll Fool & Entertain YOU at the Bash!

The Outerbridges

The Outerbridges

International Illusionists

International Illusionists Ted & Marion Outerbridge will cast a magic spell over the audience at this year's Bash. And share some secrets too!

Dick Joiner

Dick Joiner


Due to popular demand...Joining us again in 2019! He will share his infectious hysterical laugh, fun-loving zany manner and high paced interactive comedy magic. Dick Joiner plans to delight and astound us all day long.

Paul Richards

Paul Richards

creative conjuror

Founder of Elmwood Magic. Mr. Richards has been around the globe sharing his wonderful brand of magic. Eye Popping magic combined with good fun. One of the true gentlemen of the world of magic.

Garrett Thomas

Garrett Thomas

master magician

Due to your huge amount of requests Mr. Thomas will be returning to the Bash stage in 2019. He truly blew us all away in 2018 and that was only half his lecture. Wait to you see part two! Thanks Garrett!

James Harrison



Finally on the Bash stage! Pickpocket Act and one of Canada's premier close up magicians. Be ready to clap. And be ready to hold onto your wallets & watches!

Jacque Swan

jacque swan

coin magicienne

Canadian new talent, Ms. Swan will be sharing some of her coin magic with us that will make your magic eyes pop out! Don't blink as coins vanish and reappear at a mystifying speed.


robert and scott presswood

the bumbling berts

Two of the busiest children's performers in the GTA. Combined they give more then 600 shows annually. Sit it and learn on their tips for making your family show reach it's potential. (at lunch break)

Andrew Woo

Andrew Woo

Magic With Class

Sit in and learn from over 35 years of experience performing and creating magic. Simple Methods with Strong Audience Impact!

Jacque Swan

Jonah Babins

toronto magic company

Free ACAAN seminar during dinner break. Thanks Jonah!

Chris Bruce

Chris Bruce

Cardician Extraordinaire

FREE lunch time Table Class on False Shuffles, Classic Force & Top Change

Chris Westfall


Routining Wizard

Chris will be giving a free lunch time seminar. How to routine your magic.




Free lunch time seminar. Card fundamentals
from one of Canada's all-around best magicians.


RJ Steele

Wonderful Wonder Worker

He's young. He's clever. He's tricky. He's smart.
He's coming to the Bash!

Mark Correia

Mark Correia

Man of Mystery

Will he be Funny? Scary? Odd? Cooky? Lonely? Who knows... even Mark probably isn't sure!

Charlie McBurney

Charlie McBurney

Keeper of Secrets

Nimble Fingers. Nimble Mind. Nibble your lunch during his Free Card Class.

Rayn Brown

Ryan Brown

rising star

Ryan will be sharing with us his love of the classics. Card Manipulation, Rings, and Magic that will have your eyes popping out! One of the young stars of the Canadian Magic scene.


Look What We Did Together At Previous Bashes! / Great Times

Browser's Bash 2016

Take the next two minutes to watch the 2016 Browser's Magic Bash video recap. Look at all the fantastic BASH fun we're having! Our videographer, Chris Mayhew, certainly captured us at our finest that day.

The Browser's Magic Bash raised over 300 kilo of food for those who need help in Toronto.

In 2016, we raised over 300 kilos of food!

During our 2016 Browser's Bash Food Drive, we raised over 300 kilos of food for Toronto's less fortunate. Jeff personally donated the food to Division 133 Firestation. In 2018 we donated $500 to Sick Kids Hospital.

(Jeff pictured w/ the super cool dudes of Division 133)

Testimonials / What People Are Saying About The Browser's Magic Bash

Browser's Bash / Tickets Now on Sale!

All tickets include access to a full day of (in no particular order): professional lectures, a close-up show, a stage show, dealer's area, informative mini-sessions, stellar impromptu performances, delicious free lunch & dinner, games, prizes, & fun surprises.

Jeff Pinsky says, "Browser's Magic Bash price options vary based on the proximity of your seat to the stage. The sooner you buy a ticket, the closer to the front you'll be. And we promise that regardless of whichever seat you purchase - you will have a GREAT time!"




Delicious free lunch & dinner
Professional lectures

Close-up show

Stage show
Informative mini-sessions
Stellar impromptu performances
Games, prizes, & fun surprises




Delicious free lunch & dinner
Professional lectures

Close-up show

Stage show
Informative mini-sessions
Stellar impromptu performances
Games, prizes, & fun surprises




Delicious free lunch & dinner
Professional lectures

Close-up show

Stage show
Informative mini-sessions
Stellar impromptu performances
Games, prizes, & fun surprises

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Bash FAQS / find answers

Just like a great concert or a broadway show, the Browser's Magic Bash price options vary based on the proximity of your seat to the stage.

Please choose your desired section, and a ticket price that is comfortable for your budget.

Reserve your seat by simply clicking right here. Please fill out your name, email, phone, and which type of registration you'd like to purchase. From there, you'll automatically be taken to Paypal to finish the transaction. If you'd like to pay over the phone, please call Jeff at the Browser's Den Magic Shop (416) 783-7022 and pay by phone.

Free Lunch & Dinner

Professional Lectures

Close-up Show

Stage Show

Mini Sessions

Top-flight Talent

Impromptu Performances

Games & Prizes

Fun Surprises

Of course. Buy as many seats as you'd like. Just make sure to register each person, and tickets will be reserved for them.

Yes! Lunch & Dinner are free with your registration. You read that correctly! We have spared no expense to make sure you have a first-class experience at the Browser's Magic Bash. Our wonderful venue, the Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue, has graciously provided a special magic menu for our celebration.

Both meat & vegetarian options available. Water, coffee, tea and juice are provided, but any other drinks or food (off menu) are not included.

Of course. As a matter of fact, he's wearing one right now!


LOCATION / Directions

Located just north of downtown Toronto, the Montecassino has not only stood the test of time, but has remained a fixture in the banquet and convention centre community. The venue blends classic and contemporary design, offering timeless elegance and well-appointed details to suit any occasion and any budget.

The Montecassino Hotel & Event Venue

3710 Chesswood Drive
Toronto, ON M3J 2P6
+1 (416) 630-8100

For any questions contact:

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